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Homecoming Dresses by Your Favorite Music Genre

Homecoming Dresses Based on Your Favorite Music Genre TBH, music basically makes the world go ‘round. Whether you’re happy or sad, excited or nervous, tapping your toes to some good tunes is seriously soul-soothing. And just like style, everyone has a musical preference. So why not fine tune your homecoming wardrobe according to the genre you love? Keep reading to learn which #HOCO dress you should wear based on your favorite music genre. POVelvet Sequin Homecoming DressP Is it too late now to say sorry…because no one else’s dress can even compare to this one! Girl, you’re as bubbly as this poppy genre, so bust a move to Biebs in a mini that sparkles with your personality. No apologies needed. Shop it: H884686 Lace Sequin Short Dress Whether you’re in the car, the shower, or on the dance floor, the smooth sound and sensual lyrics of this genre just get you. Sway your hips to Starboy (or an Usher throwback!) in this curve-hugging number that fits the flirty feels of R & B. Shop it: 2129LT1S Short Floral Dress You rock out to Sam Hunt and are fluent in Carrie Underwood lyrics; the laid-back vibes of country music bring pure joy to your life. Scoop up a homecoming dress that’s as sweet as an outdoor concert, like this illusion floral mini. Shop it: 10593 Long Sleeve Lace Dress with Keyhole Back Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy; these are a few of the “most played” on your iPod. You def have a punk rock streak in you, and prefer to wear neutrals when you dress up. This long sleeve lace homecoming dress keeps it low-key and gorgeous for all you Indie gals. Shop it: 4675MT1P Short Butterfly Cutout Dress A certain word comes to mind with electric dance music: ENERGY. The center of the dance floor is where you belong, so slip on this lively butterfly dress and let the vibes of Calvin Harris consume you. Shop it: 10283 Two Piece Dress with Keyhole Back No type of music defines you; there’s a mix of everything on your playlist, and Rihanna just might be your spirit animal. A two piece homecoming dress like this one doesn’t fit into just one box; the florals are sweet, the sequins are sizzlin’, and the cutouts are just plain hot-just like you’ll be in this eclectic stunner. Shop it: 5879YG8A Talk about hitting a fashion high note. Xo, Camille