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Wedding Dress Shopping with Vlogger Jessica MacCleary

Hey gorgeous brides! We recently teamed up with Jessica MacCleary, a lifestyle vlogger and fellow bride-to-be who went shopping with us in search of her fairytale wedding dress! Jessica went to our Ontario Mills store in California, where she documented her shopping experience to give us a peek at the process of finding “the dress.” She tried on a few beauties, describing what surprised her most about each option. Jessica’s favorite part of shopping with Camille La Vie? All sizes are available, not just the samples-she walked in excited and walked out with “the one!” Check out the entire video, above! Looking for additional tips? (We thought you were!) Jessica also took over our Instagram to answer a few pressing questions that any bride may have. Watch the video, or read her answers below:

When should brides start shopping for their wedding dress?

JM: “You should go wedding dress shopping about 6 to 9 months before your wedding so if you need alterations you have time to do that. But any time you feel ready is the time to go!”

Who should a bride bring to go dress shopping?

JM: “People who are great to go wedding dress shopping with are people like your mom, your best friend, your grandma, a bridesmaid or two. But I’d recommend keeping it down to like 3 to 5 people since it can get a little hectic.”

What trends did you spot while shopping for your dress?

JM: “One trend that I noticed was a lot of ball gowns with unique necklines.” Camille La Vie Wedding Dresses

Did you buy a dress that you’ve always envisioned or something completely different?

JM: “I completely ended up with the dress I’d always imagined I’d have for my wedding day! This is like my dream dress, the dress that’s similar to all the dresses on my Pinterest board…this was the dress.”

How was your shopping experience at Camille La Vie?

JM: “My shopping experience at Camille La Vie was amazing! Everyone was so nice and attentive and had all the sizes and so many different styles. I was so glad I chose to go to Camille La Vie.”

How did you know you found “the dress?”

JM: “I knew I found ‘the dress’ when I put it on…and then I didn’t want to take it off! I felt so beautiful and you just know. Like when you know you find love, you just know when you find ‘the dress.’”

Any additional advice for our brides-to-be?

JM: “Don’t worry about the small stuff! Don’t worry about things you can’t control; your wedding is a day to celebrate your love with your future spouse.” So which dress do you think she chose? Shop them each for yourself, below, or discover your own dream wedding dress at! As for Jessica, we can’t wait to see her stun at her October wedding; keep an eye out for the pics this fall on Instagram @camillelavie!