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Make Them Do A Double-Take!

Beautiful Backs from CLVMany times in life, your favorite part of something ends up being something you never would have expected. One might think the back of a dress is the least important part simply because it is in the back and not the first thing people see. However, the back of a dress is one of the most interesting and intriguing parts of a dress, the back is often the area with beautiful detailing that holds the entire look together. The details that make people stop and stare at the unique beauty of the dress. The unique, eye-catching details that make a dress stand out are almost always found on the back of the dress.

If the dress is backless, it could be outlined by an intricate scalloped design or have a beautiful peplum stemming from the small of the back. Or it could be an illusion backless dress sprinkled with delicate rhinestones or 3D flowers. It could even be something as simple as a keyhole opening in between 2 shoulder blades. There are so many subtle designs that make noticeably beautiful statements. When a formal gown or party dress is equipped with an elaborate back, you'll leave your friends and guests with an element of surprise as they marvel at the unexpected details of your gorgeous gown! Shop some of our favorite beautiful backs now at, we promise you'll fall in love just like us!