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Trending Now: Allover Lace

Allover LaceLace is a timeless fabric that will always make a comeback in one way or another no matter the season and no matter the year. If you look back through decades passed, you'll notice lace has never really gone out of style. Ask your mom to pull out old photo albums, and we bet you'll see mom, grand mom, and so on all rocking lace in one or more of their outfits! It is always there in some form, both over-the-top and subtle, it has remained a constant.

Lace has the power to give any look the touch of elegance it may be lacking, not to mention an uncanny ability to give any look texture and depth. Throughout the years we've seen lace used in all different colors and textures. In most recent seasons, the use of all over lace has become more and more popular, especially with evening dress designs. Trending now in evening dress fashion is the use of two-tone color palettes which, like lace, give any dress a unique depth. Pair the two-tone color palette with bold lace designs, and you've got this season's hottest trend! Lace doesn't always have to be so bold though, monochromatic lace is yet another go-to look for the party scene this season. If you're searching for a soft and subtle look, then we definitely suggest a single-colored lace dress with a matching underlay. Monochrome formal dresses are stunning in any color, so have fun when choosing your perfect evening dress!

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