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Prom 2024: A Total Planning Checklist

Prom Planning Checklist Hey girls, we're back again for another dose of Prom Planning 101! If you didn't catch last week's post, we talked a lot about getting involved in your school's committee as well as staying on top of our CLV prom committee posts. Joining up with other kids in your school will allow for you to plan as a unit, which means everyone will need a task of their own to be responsible for!

Step 1 was joining the committee and now it's time for Step 2: Assigning some very important roles! This can be an over-whelming part of planning when you're planning an event by yourself, thankfully you've got your committee buddies to help you out and make Prom 2024 a success!

We figured we'd help you out a bit and jot down all of the important things that need addressing when planning the perfect prom! It may look like a lot, but you can split up in to teams to tackle it all; you got this! For fundraising, you're going to want someone who's very organized and good with numbers of course, it also wouldn't hurt for this person to have connections in the community! Like we said, pairing off in to teams is a great idea, for instance, you can assign two people to secure a chic venue for the prom itself and for the POST prom party! Breaking the list up in to categories is another great way to get it all done.

Give a few people the responsibilities of finding a DJ, coming up with activities, and promoting; and VOILA you've got your entertainment team! Social media is obviously the hot spot for promoting, start a prom Facebook group where you can all interact as well as posting to Instagram and Twitter! Need activity ideas? Everyone loves a photo booth with funny props! Or you could do a scavenger hunt that goes along with your theme! Theme, decor, and favors- there's your creative team! Brainstorming a fun and memorable theme can be tricky, but a great go-to is choosing a city you all love! For instance, this year at Camille La Vie we're going for a very beachy vibe and we had our photo shoot out in LA!

You can also check out Pinterest for the prettiest decor ideas you've ever seen! However you choose to do it, we know you'll be successful and if you get stuck just stop back for a refesher! Stay tuned for next week's How-To post you won't wanna miss! xo, Camille