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Red Homecoming Dresses in Every Shade

Red Homecoming DressPassionate, powerful, and oh-so romantic...if one thing’s for sure, red is intense. From deep wines to fire engine brights, fall’s sizzlin’ shade is already everywhere this season…and always makes for an epic entrance. Come in hot this homecoming in a scarlet style that brings the heat; with a spectrum of stunning shades, there’s truly a tone for everyone. Scroll below to find your hue, as well as styling tips for this classic color. RED-y…set…go! Red Homecoming DressesShop each style: A19638 3068 4766US1C A19726 4672JM1P
  • Know your tones. To most people, red is just…red. But to those of us who live and breathe fashion (us, us, us!) finding just the right tone can take your look from weeellllll to WOW. For example, if you have a warm coloring (brown, hazel, or green eyes with golden blonde or chestnut brown hair) go for reds with an orange undertone, like candy apple. If you have cool coloring (blue or black eyes with dark brown, black, or red hair) opt for reds with blue undertones, like a deep wine or burgundy. Somewhere in the middle? Babe, any shade flatters you! Just plain confused? Wear the red homecoming dress that sets your soul on fire, because in the end, that’s what matters!
Red Homecoming DressesShop each style: 4413XX1C 4XGK861 747X XS9276 295X
  • Choose the right accessories…or none at all. Any red hue is powerful on its own, so feel free to nix accessories altogether. If you can’t resist a little decor, remember the tone rule for ultimate flattery. (Hint: if you’re cool, pair a sleek silver or black clutch with your dress. Warm, opt for champagne or golden accessories.)
  • Go light on blush. Where makeup is concerned, less is often more…especially in the case of wearing red! Since the color can already make you look flushed, ease up on the rouge and instead choose a smoky eye or even red lips that match the shade of your dress.
  • Take advantage of the confidence boost. Wearing red is scientifically proven to make you feel flirtier…perfect for a night like homecoming! So seize the opportunity to chat up your crush or rock that dance floor with your besties.
Xo, Camille