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Styled in Sequin

Styled in Sequin When you think party, you think fun, you think sparkle. When you think holiday, you think fun, you think sparkle. Catch where we're going with this? Pick up what we're putting down girls? Your HOLIDAY PARTY DRESS should be totally sequin-plated for the perfect sparkle/fun combo!

Sequins are the ONE thing that will take your holiday party look from drab to fab, so the more the better! Sequined dresses do tend to work better for the elaborate parties and outings that occur during the holiday season, but there are even some that work just as well at smaller, more intimate gatherings! The amount of sequins and their placement both play equal parts in making or breaking a look. Dresses with subtle sequin embellishments around the waist or neckline for instance, work wonderfully for a casual event; whereas, dresses painted from head-to-toe with sequins work perfectly for more lavish events like holiday galas or New Year's eve celebrations! So remember girls, this and every holiday season, no matter the affair, a little sequin never hurt nobody! xo Camille