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The Best Hues for the Holidays!

Holiday Nails Styling your look perfectly comes down to the details. The right or wrong nail color can make or break your whole look. This holiday party season, be sure to stick with our top picks from Essie's Fall/Winter collection and you'll be golden! Match any of these 6 splashes of color with one of our holiday dresses for a glam slam ensemble!

1. Shall We Chalet ~ Winter is almost like a blank white canvas waiting for us to paint it with vibrant colors. Bold colors like red bring life to the cold season!

2. Peak Show ~ Chic and simple works for any season, but it's especially eye-catching in the Winter. Soft colors help to balance the rich hues we wear so often during the holidays.

3. Midnight Cami ~ This color reflects light beautifully and we all know lights line the streets and our homes during the holidays!

4. Apres Chic ~ Looking for the perfect New Year's Eve color? You found it! Pair the shimmer with a sparkling dress and you're ready to ring in your best New Year yet!

5. Haute Tub ~ Deep with a hint of purple sparkle, these nails are the perfect match for this satin ball gown!

6. Merino Cool ~ Taupe with a lavender hue, ugh we love it! Pair it with a cream sweater for a chic, chill holiday look!