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The Hottest Trends In Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Trends So, you're getting married. Tying the knot. Getting hitched. Saying "I do.” …but have you said “I do" to a dress yet? Choosing which dress to say yes to is every bride's biggest decision. You've dreamt of this day since you were a little girl, you'd picture yourself walking down the aisle in ball gowns, mermaid silhouettes, modern styles, and even vintage lace. Your wedding day makes for awesome daydream material, until it becomes a reality and it's time to make some real decisions! This can be scary. In your mind you could wear 10 different dresses if you felt like it, but now it's down to one! We understand that sense of panic that can set in when trying to figure out how you see yourself as a bride, which is why we've put together a collection of 4 different dress categories and in each we've given you 3 different dress options: Ball Gown Trend 1. Ball Gown Beauty Do you favor the luxurious things in life? Do you like over-the-top and ornate? Have you always considered yourself a bit of a princess? If so, we think you might very well fall in love with one of these three ball gowns. You've planned your wedding big, so your dress should follow suit! Gowns number 1 and 3 will really send your day into royal mode with their heavy beading and full gathered skirts. Gown number 2 is a more classic take on the ball gown trend, but it's still royal enough to fulfill your fairytale wedding dreams! Lace Wedding Gowns 2. Lace Luxe Lace is still feminine like a ball gown, but much more soft and subtle; and it'll also never go out of style. Lace has been used in women's fashion for centuries and it's still going strong, so don't worry about looking outdated, you'll look timeless always! Lace can make any neckline stunning, any detailing out of this world and any bride beautiful. Modern Maven 3. Modern Maven Maybe you're more of an out-of-the-box thinker and prefer styles that are little more modern too. You're a fan of the classic and the timeless, but you want your dress to have something more, a little twist that makes it stand out from the rest! We like to think of you as a modern maven bride and we think these 3 dresses will meet your unique standards. They're lavish in detail, but soft in silhouette, they're the perfect combo for any indecisive bride! Mermaid Wedding Dresses 4. Mermaid Mode Sweetheart necklines and flirty silhouettes, that's what the mermaid dress is all about. It's the ideal dress for movement, which is a big plus for any bride. From walking down the aisle, to tearin' up the dance floor, we all know a bride needs to be able to move freely in her dress. We think the mermaid dress is perfect for the relaxed, laid-back bride who's all about having a great time with her guests and less about worrying if everything is perfect at all times. We could all take a lesson from the mermaid mode mindset, it's your day and your guests are all there for you and your significant other. You are all together to celebrate the love you have for one another.

Don't let little wedding day fiascos stress you out too much, they happen to everyone, make the most of your day with the people you love and do it an amazing dress from!