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5 Easy Steps To Your Best Fall/Winter Wedding Makeup!

Guest of Wedding- Fall Makeup Trends So, you've got a Fall or Winter wedding to attend and you're looking to spice things up a bit. You're tired of your everyday makeup routine and you want something new and chic that's going to wow everyone there. Look no further ladies, because we've got just what you're looking for! We have made a list of 5 easy steps that will help you achieve your best Fall/Winter wedding guest look! These steps are not only simple, but they will also make sure your makeup is just enough, you wouldn't want to out-shine the bride now would you?

Step 1: The Skin. The first step to any flawless look is ensuring a smooth, clean canvas that's ready to be painted. In this case, your face is the canvas. Before applying any makeup products to your face, make sure you've washed and exfoliated to avoid breakouts and to ensure a velvety surface ready for foundation and primer. When your face is fresh and ready to go, apply a light layer of primer, this will allow for a flawless application of foundation. When purchasing a Fall/Winter foundation, be sure to match it to your current skin tone and not the tan you wish you still had from the Summer. No one looks good with a tan face and pale body, you want it to look natural!

Step 2: The Eyes. Autumnal earth and/or deep jeweled tones are the way to go when selecting a color palette for your eyes. We suggest sporting a subtle smokey eye for any Fall evening event. Smokey eyes never fail and they're especially gorgeous in the Fall and Winter months because of the way they blend with the colors of the season. If the wedding you're going to is closer to Winter, just incorporate some silver creamy metallics into the palette for an angelic Winter glow.

Step 3: Flush Cheeks. With all of the earthy warm tones going on in the eye shadow department for Fall, it’s important to use something on your cheeks that will serve as a highlighter. Makeup needs balance too, just like your clothes and accessories. A cool pinkish blush will give your cheekbones a fierce contrast and will also allow for the earth tones you used on your eyes to really pop.

Step 4: The Lips. This is our favorite step, because you can really take risks in experimenting with out-of-the-box colors that you wouldn't wear much the rest of the year. Fall and Winter are the seasons for rich, dynamic colors with depth, like plush browns and berries. Choose a color like this for your lips and transform your entire beauty routine in seconds!

Step 5: The Finishing Touch. Highlighting everything you've done. Applying a small dab of shimmering highlighter below your brows and in your t-zone is like putting the cherry on top of a sundae. It's everyone's favorite ingredient, because it brings the masterpiece together! Just a touch of highlighter will make all the difference in setting your look on fire. The highlighter will allow for the already perfectly applied makeup to shine just a little brighter for the lights and cameras that await you! So girls, just stick to these 5 easy steps and you'll achieve your best wedding guest look yet! OR take it up another chic notch and pair your flawless new makeup with one of our glam wedding guest dresses for a complete look you’ll absolutely LOVE! xo, Camille