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The LBD Re-Invented!

Little Black Dress

Stuck on what to wear to Homecoming or formal? How about a little black dress? We know, we know, you don't want to just blend in and wear the same old tired thing, but trust us, we wouldn't suggest these dresses if they weren't going to make you a household name at Homecoming! You want to stand out and get recognized for your excellent taste of course, we understand. You might be thinking that a little black dress is not the look to help you do this, but you're mistaken girls and we're here to tell you why… Yes, the little black dress has been a staple of all things style for decades, but just because it's been a party go-to for as long as anyone can remember, does not mean that it's old or out-played! The allure of a little black dress is that it's simple and it's a relatively easy look to pull together.

Black Dresses

BUT it's not too simple, and it's not too easy! It's simplicity is in its color, not in its detailing. And it's ease is in its no-hassle ensemble, not in its accessorizing. For example, take a look at our editor's homecoming dress picks. Four little black dresses each with their own unique embellishment and detail. They become more than just LBDs when we add things like, metallic empire waists or gold beaded bodices. Each and every one of these homecoming dresses is going to make you a star, each in their own way. Styling these semi-classic looks will be most of the fun too... rev it up with your own creative energy and accessory choices! xo, Camille