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Short Prom Dresses

Short prom dresses make excellent choices for Prom attire. Thanks to their length, short prom dresses are not only comfortable, they’re also great for dancing! Now let’s pause for one second and put the thought of prom dresses aside, the styles, the lengths, the fabrics, none of that matters for just one split second. It’s hard to imagine, we know; but we promise we have a point! We want you to think about what Prom really is and what it’s all about. Think about what it means to go to Prom and how exciting it is and all the fun that awaits you and your classmates on your Prom nights! Prom is about celebrating and coming together to make memories with the friends you know and love, memories that will live on forever as some of your best!

Why You Should Go Short For Prom

Now that you’ve let the idea of Prom sink in, it’s time to think about DRESSES! This time the styles, the lengths, the fabrics, all matter! Think about how you’re going to get to prom. Think about prom pictures with friends. Think about the dance moves you’re going to spend the whole night doing, and then finally, think about the best possible dress for all of this fun and movement. Seeing as though you are all overly qualified fashionistas, we’re thinking you’re thinking what we’re thinking…short prom dresses! That’s right girls, there’s no better prom dress than a short prom dress, especially when it comes to celebrating, dancing, picture taking, and not to mention comfort! No prom girl wants to be anxiously fidgeting with her prom dress all night hoping she’s ready for the next camera flash or cha-cha slide dance move. This is exactly where short prom dresses come in to save the day, or should we say…prom night? Known for their chic allure and flirty silhouettes, short prom dresses make flawless choices for any event, but our favorite is definitely prom! With so many different trending styles to choose from, short prom dresses are the obvious choice when it comes to styling your perfect prom party outfit. When designing our coveted short prom dresses, we take time to make sure that every girl’s unique personal style is accounted for. From florals to sparkle, tulle to jersey, and cutouts to illusion detailing, we cover every fashion base in the design of our dresses, because we want you and every other prom girl out there to find the short prom dress that fits their every style need! And to make sure you too cover every base when shopping, check out our Prom Dress Shopping 101 tips!

Design Details You'll Need To Consider

Whether you want a sexy form-fitting look, a flirty handkerchief hem, or a cute fit and flare shape, we’ve got you covered! Each of these styles are impeccable prom choices so don’t be afraid to try them all on. After all, how else are you supposed to find your dream prom dress without trying on some dress styles that may be out of your comfort zone? We know that selecting a short prom dress can feel like a daunting task due to the variety of choices you will be faced with in the store, so we’ve taken the liberty of putting together some key things to keep an eye out for when picking out your prom pretty ensemble! Need help determining the perfect style for your prom dress? See our prom style guide.


First off, you’ll need to determine the level of embellishment you feel fits you best. Are you a sparkle lover or more of an applique enthusiast? Or maybe you’re a best of both worlds kind of gal and want both? Embellishments play a big role in short prom dress designs. Some short dresses are lined from top to bottom with glistening beadwork while others possess more of an understated elegance with the use of smooth unembellished fabrics or intricate cutout designs that don’t need any sparkle to get them noticed. Prints and patterns are another popular form of embellishment. Whether you choose florals, stripes or a trendy abstract look, you’re sure to impress!


Next, you’ll want to think about the different kinds of fabrics you prefer. Do you like lace or are you more into sleek unembellished fabrics like Mikado and satin? Go with a short lace prom dress if you fancy a more romantic fairytale vibe. Or step into fierce mode with a short mikado look. You should also consider chiffon, satin and mesh. All three are used often in the design of short prom dresses. Chiffon and mesh will give you a very free flowing feel and shape, which is not only comfortable, but also looks stunning with movement making them the best fabrics to dance in! And last but certainly not least, satin is a timeless prom classic. Satin has a special sheen to it and when the lights hit this particular fabric, a beautiful 3D effect occurs.


This is your short prom dress, so follow your heart of style and go with what feels right! Depending on your body type, you’re going to feel more comfortable in some short prom dresses versus others. If you’re tall and lean, we think you’ll feel best in a form-fitting silhouette that shows off your figure! If you’re more on the petite side, we suggest trying a flirty fit and flare look that will accentuate your best features with ease. We also love handkerchief and high-low hems because they both work well with a variety of body shapes and sizes.

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